Governors State University

  1. I am starting this fall on my BSN. If there are any nursing students out there that have attended the program, please post your experience here. I have read many posts on several universities, but have yet to come across one about this college. I am excited and nervous about my new journey. Any other nurses out there attending a nursing program this fall can post as well. Good luck to all of us.
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  3. by   notcommon886
    do you have to already be an RN to get into this program?
  4. by   Jack245
    I've heard the program is decent. Not attended there myself though.

    And Notcommon886, yes you need an RN license to get the BSN there, but they have several matriculation agreements with local community colleges.
  5. by   joanie2341
    Inspired26, how is the program? I am thinking about starting the RN to BSN there. Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!
  6. by   inspired26
    Hello joanie2341,

    The program was a little challenging at times, but overall doable. I got my BSN fall 2011. I am glad that it is finally over and looking forward to completing my MSN. I like the fact that the school is nationally accredited, online based(mostly), and affordable. There is some disorganization but if you are self directed and motivated, you will do fine. I went full time and finished the program in one year. This was hard, but given the fact that finding a job in illinois was slim to non-exisitent, I pulled it off. I am currently working in an hospital finally and feel that my BSN really provided me with the jolt I needed to obtain the job. I look forward to hearing all of you guys success stories in the upcoming years. Take care and stay focused.
    Hi inspired26,

    I currently attend Chicago State and graduate in the spring of 2013. I was interested in attending GS in the following spring for my MSN are you attending that program?

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