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:yeah:Got my acceptance letters to 2 of the schools I applied to! I am waiting for my last letter and should be getting that the first week of April. I think I made the final decision to go with my... Read More

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    K girl,
    aw.. i was hoping i could change your mind haha. No, but really, that's a real good idea. Muchh cheaper ICC does their clinicals at OSF too! About the loans, I heard it's 12000 max, but I could be wrong. I could let you know once I found out at the Open House. I did get accepted for the Spring 2012 term, which isn't great, but I plan to work full-time and save up from May-December. I told them to hold my spot and I plan to go...unless I hate it when i visit Congrats on the job resignation & good luck finding a job!! I need to find one too, either that area or Chicago. Let me know if you find anything! Are you still taking your pre-reqs?

    Smokey & ChiTownHopeful,
    I applied to Resurrection University/West Suburban College of Nursing in Oak Park.. There aren't very good things posted about that school on here.. I would have applied to more in the area but I didn't take Organic Chem, which is required at a lot of places. where did you apply Smokey ? What community college are you going to ChiTown?
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    Thanks for answering hon!! I didn't apply Organic Chem the same as the intro Chemistry? What is OSF and where is it? I applied to St. Xavier, Chicago State, Indiana University-Northwest, University of St. Francis-Crown Point, Americare/Ambria, Wilbur Wright's LPN..I think.. everything is so messed up who knows what's really going on..when I filled out the application at the info session they said you could apply till May 1st I didn't follow what the other CCC schools where doing so who knows, Morton College, and I might apply to Ivy Tech Gary for the Spring 2012. I think that's it..LOL I seriously applied everywhere I could.. I'm older so I just want to get in somewhere.. ANYWHERE!
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    Hey Coco,

    I am finished with all my prereqs that I need for the cc so all my classes will strictly be nursing classes, which I am so happy about! I was accepted to the spring 2012 term..I didnt realize that that they chose their classes so far ahead! I really thought I was applying for the fall 2011 term. Oh well!

    I havent found a job yet. Just been submitting my applications online everywhere! Will you be living on campus when you go to OSF?

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    Coco - I'm going to College of DuPage.

    Smokey - I applied at a few places around here myself. Did you get in anywhere yet?
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    Quote from ChiTownHopeful
    Coco - I'm going to College of DuPage.

    Smokey - I applied at a few places around here myself. Did you get in anywhere yet?
    Not yet..actually none of the last dates to turn stuff in has even passed it will be a while! I still need to take the TEAS for St. Xavier and Ambria/Americare and I think Morton.. I still haven't handed in my application's due tomorrow..but that school is prolly last on my list.. and I have to get my CNA for Ambria. I'm also in classes now that will be finishing in May that I will have to turn in my transcripts for those. I don't think I'll be finding out anything from anywhere until May/June.
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    no, organic chem isn't the same as intro chem. i've heard it's a pretty awful class. OSF is a medical center college and it's in Peoria, IL.. 2.5 hrs from Chicago. Good luck!!!

    i know! it's crazy how far ahead they are! i saw an older post about someone accepted into spring that right before fall, the school asked her if she would like to start early. that would really be awesome! i won't be living on campus, i'm gonna get an apt.

    Chi Town- i took anatomy at C.O.D! that's a really nice school!
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    Quote from K_girl
    Hi Smokey,

    I got accepted to Illinois Central College and methodist college of nursing. I'm still waiting on my letter from OSF College of Nursing which is my first choice. However those letters aren't set to go out until 3/30

    Hello,,, I was writing to ask you what the pre reques n requirements were for your program at ICC...I have MANY nursing prerequs done..and I currently live in tampa fl...coming back to IL, still actually a resident there..From the online page I see I only need A&P 1..medical terminology, and introduction to health..some class.. Can You apply for the LPN program even though I need those? I am curious because I have had a few breaks from school and want to get done! And also when does the LPN class start at ICC? I was hoping to get there in beginning of Sept..Finish those last 3 classes in Jan-May term..then get in the program in August 2012..if that is when the next one starts. Please let me know! Thanks. How about Methodist College of Nursing? What are requirements from that. I know in IL u have to have ur CNA now first then LPN then RN....Ive been a CNA for 4 years and I am desperate to get to the next level!
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    In IL you don't have to have your CNA...and you don't have to be an LPN before you become an can just get into a RN program to begin with and many of them, you don't need your all depends on the school.
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    Quote from SMOKEY2112
    In IL you don't have to have your CNA...and you don't have to be an LPN before you become an can just get into a RN program to begin with and many of them, you don't need your all depends on the school.

    well thanks..crazy i didnt know that..well thats how the college i went to was where i got most of my pre reques done..but I am not going back there...
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    Well thanks its been a while since i got on here...thanks for ur input in letting me know its not IL that makes u have ur cna first it is the school u choose. but that wasnt any of my ?s I can someone answer the ?s I asked Please? Is there an entrance exam for Illinois Central college? And when does it start every year. I only need 3 more classes that r required to have so I wanted to finish them in the term Jan-May.then hopefully start the lpn in August 2012. If anyone can answer those ?s that would help me out greatly. thanks!
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    Accepted to CSC! Lpn program starts 8/20/2012. Will graduate May 2013 !
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    Jessica, do tell. I am in ICC's LPN program and will probably drop out next week. I have good grades, but just cannot tolerate some of the stuff that goes on and what they expect. It definitely has problems, I see why they lost half of the class last year. We are already down at least 8 students (out of 32) in 8 weeks. Four of the students who left last year are carpooling to a school in Springfield and love it. Florida sounds wonderful and I am very familiar with the east coast.