For those of you already accepted or in nursing school...

  1. I was curious, for those of you who are in an accelerated BSN or associates program here in Illinois, what was your cumulative GPA and science GPA?

    I am very nervous about applying (I still have a year of pre-reqs to complete) since I have a low cumulative GPA for my first Bachelors, it's a 2.95. I don't even know if it's worth applying to any schools with such a low GPA. I really want to get into Loyola or Resurrection's ABSN program. Any advice?
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  3. by   manstat
    You meet the qualifications for Resurrection (2.75). Just do well on the TEAS test and your science classes...that is my advice.
  4. by   MaleCNA87
    Thanks! Have you applied there?
  5. by   dsignrgrl
    A 2.95 GPA is good! Especially if you take a few more classes and get it above 3.0, youll get in somewhere! Just apply to as many programs as possible. I applied to 5 programs, and got into 2, wait listed on 1, and denied for 2. My GPA is worse then yours, 2.77 I scored high on all the entrance exam though, which helps! So my advise is study for the entrance exam, do well....and apply!
  6. by   MaleCNA87
    Hi dsignrgrl,

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement! If you don't mind me asking, what were the programs you applied to? Also, how did you do on your science pre-req's? Some of the schools I want to apply to don't require an entrance exam. What school did you end up going to?

    I'm planning to apply for:

    Loyola ABSN program
    Resurrection ABSN program
    UIC GEP Program
    DePaul MENP Program
    Truman Associates in Nursing Program
    Wright LPN Program

    Let me know please!

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