For those of you already accepted or in nursing school... For those of you already accepted or in nursing school... | allnurses

For those of you already accepted or in nursing school...

  1. 0 I was curious, for those of you who are in an accelerated BSN or associates program here in Illinois, what was your cumulative GPA and science GPA?

    I am very nervous about applying (I still have a year of pre-reqs to complete) since I have a low cumulative GPA for my first Bachelors, it's a 2.95. I don't even know if it's worth applying to any schools with such a low GPA. I really want to get into Loyola or Resurrection's ABSN program. Any advice?
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    You meet the qualifications for Resurrection (2.75). Just do well on the TEAS test and your science classes...that is my advice.
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    Thanks! Have you applied there?
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    A 2.95 GPA is good! Especially if you take a few more classes and get it above 3.0, youll get in somewhere! Just apply to as many programs as possible. I applied to 5 programs, and got into 2, wait listed on 1, and denied for 2. My GPA is worse then yours, 2.77 I scored high on all the entrance exam though, which helps! So my advise is study for the entrance exam, do well....and apply!
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    Hi dsignrgrl,

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement! If you don't mind me asking, what were the programs you applied to? Also, how did you do on your science pre-req's? Some of the schools I want to apply to don't require an entrance exam. What school did you end up going to?

    I'm planning to apply for:

    Loyola ABSN program
    Resurrection ABSN program
    UIC GEP Program
    DePaul MENP Program
    Truman Associates in Nursing Program
    Wright LPN Program

    Let me know please!