Finger printing needed to get ATT in illinois??

  1. Does anyone know if in IL you have to have your finger printing done in order to get your ATT?

    I paid my $91, waiting for my school to send in our info (I am a Dec. grad); I think our director of Nursing Ed. said we don't need to get our finger printing done until we are licensed, but then I heard that we need it just to get our ATT? I cannot find a clear cut answer on any of the IL websites?

    Anyone know?
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  3. by   psysn
    I think your director may be misinformed, you need to submit the fingerprinting before you can sit NCLEX. When in doubt, check with IDFPR:
    Your receipt for fingerprinting is supposed to be submitted with the application packet.
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  4. by   ChloBear
    I graduated from an IL nursing school in May, 2010 and we had to get fingerprinted BEFORE we could receive our ATT. And it took forever for some people to get it. Mine fortunately didn't take too long...
  5. by   dawn.b-RN
    Thank you both, what a pain! I'll add that to my list of things to do....