Favorite Chicago Hangouts - page 2

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Ok for all you Illinoians, where are some of your favorite hangouts, or places to visit in Chicago??? I love to visit Navy Pear or Brookfield Zoo, for family fun... There are many good bars, but I do like MAP, in the Wicker... Read More

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    THE TASTE OF CHICAGO!!!!! MMMMMMM, the cheesecakes, deep dish pizza, ethnic fds, & of course the corn on the cob dripping w/ butter!!! It's the highlight of every yr for me. I get take my husband to it for the 1st time this summer!!!!
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    I echo the Signature Room (top of Hancock); love Geja's in Lincoln Park (if you like fondue, you've got to go at some point); Rosebud on Taylor by UIC's campus and Rush....

    As far as Wrigley...we LOVE going to Heaven on Seven, then going to the Cubs! They suck this year; am so tired of Wood, it's not even funny. He's injured way too much. Prior, I can forgive, as when he returns from the DL, he rocks.