El Centro/Northlake application and points for nursing - page 2

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone out there is applying for the Fall 2011? I've only managed to accumulate 13 points because I am currently taking AP II, and then taking Micro in the summer - so I couldn't use those towards my... Read More

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    mail arrived and no letter.... soooo annoying!!!

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    i mean, seriously... letter were supposedly mailed may 20th from downtown dallas - i live in dallas county... shouldn't it just take a day! ugh!
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    Quote from ADNed it
    So, only 3 days until they finally mail those acceptance letters. I was told in the Nursing Admin office that they had over 400 applicants for Fall 2011. i also just finished microbiology, and there was a girl who got in with 12 points. Actually she got in on a call back, someone apllied but then didn't accept their spot. This whole process is a bit frustrating to begin with, but then allowing people to add missing items to their packs after the deadline is a lot to swallow. After all, at the info session I was told that if your packet was in correct, it was in the shredder. And she said she was cooking with chicken...
    what do you mean, "cooking with chicken" - i've never heard of that saying...LOL!
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    I heard the reason they let people turn in stuff was that there was 2 forms of the packet floating around with different info. So for those who turned theirs in early, the new packet had not come out. This entire thing has been a big mess........I am so tired of waiting I just want to know!!
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    do you know what the difference was? i look but i could really tell and I turned mine in early then went to arkansas :/
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    They no longer take a notarized note for chicken pox. And the date that the HPRS class was good changed.
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    I just got my letter, I will be at El Centro!!!

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