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I was recently accepted to both DePaul's Masters Entry Nursing Program and Loyola's Accelerated Bachelors in Nursing program. I am having difficultly deciding where to go. I understand the programs are different in that one is... Read More

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    for current depaul menp students or anyone in general : do you think the menp pathway at depaul is worth the money and a better track to take compared to siue for example their absn program? i was accepted to both and there is a big difference in how much each program will cost so i am hoping to see if anyone can give me advice which pathway would be a better choice...thanksss

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    All depends on what you want to do. If you think a MSN will get you to your goal faster, that is the route you should take. For me, I want to get out and working sooner so the ABSN was my choice. All private educations are expensive, just how much can you afford? Also note that many ABSN programs allow you to apply to Masters programs before you leave your current program and start a couple of Masters classes while you're in your ABSN (if you're accepted). I know Loyola and I think UIC allows you to do this.

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