DePaul MENP Fall 2013

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    For those who have applied or have been admitted to the MENP program at DePaul University for the Fall 2013 term.

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    Hello everyone!

    Yesterday I was accepted into the MENP program at DePaul University! I am very excited and was hoping to talk to others who have been admitted or have applied. I have a few others schools that I am waiting to hear back from but I think DePaul would be a great place to start my nursing education!
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    I got accepted too! I am also waiting on a few other schools. I would love to go to DePaul, but the cost is much higher than the other programs I'm waiting on. It seems like grad students don't get much help other than in the form of loans. Anyone know more than I do regarding financial aid?
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    Congratulations! I got accepted as well.

    @baystudent, where else are you applying? Because when I compared DePaul's MENP program with other programs in the area, namely Rush's GEM, the cost was very similar.
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    Congrats to you both! I actually scheduled a meeting and tour with an admissions officer from the school of nursing. I can definitely talk to them about financial aid and get back to you with what they say.
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    When did you guys apply? How did you guys find out the acceptance? through email or mail? I am so anxious to heard back from them!
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    Hey everyone! I got accepeted to depaul's fall cohort anyone know exact date of orientation?
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    Sweetie23, I found out first thru email then within a few days they sent the acceptance letter in the mail.
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    @oh191, I didn't know that was something you could do! Maybe I shall too. Is it a one-on-one tour or one of those group tours? Perhaps I can tag along
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    rykii, I have never been on campus so I emailed an admissions officer to set up an appointment. I am sure he wouldn't mind if a fellow student tagged along and it would be nice to meet someone else in the program! I am planning on visiting on February 22nd.

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