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  1. by   kbondad
    Quote from wahhhnders

    My statement was really important for my application as well. I was very concerned about my overall GPA, which was very very low, almost at the point of being ineligible to apply. However my prereqs and science courses were very good.

    Anyway, my personal statement was about 7 pages double spaced if I recall correctly. I think it was very critical in me being accepted to the program along with my resume and recommendations. Here are some of the things I mentioned in my personal statement:

    I talked about how I felt well prepared to deal with angry and upset patients and mentioned skills and knowledge I acquired from my job working in a doctor's office hands on. I mentioned a few things about how I had grown as a student, and how I thought I had achieved a greater appreciation for academics from the younger and immature version of me. I also discussed my athletic career, and things I did to improve the team for future generations.

    I mean really, the most important thing you can do with the statement is say things about you that are important, and WHY it is going to make you a better candidate to succeed in the program in and your future career. I think it would be bad if you just went and mentioned something like, "well I just want to be a nurse so I can help people." Instead maybe something like "through my volunteer work at a homeless shelter, I realized the need for hard working and passionate individuals in the health care field. I feel I can fit the need for this role because I have seen the lack of such and such individuals." While that is a very rough example I hope you get the idea. Or maybe you have some experience in leadership, maybe you were the leader of a club during your undergrad, whatever you have done that you think is important. Just think about the things about you or that you have done and say why it makes you a great candidate. Most importantly though, be specific and say why it matters without over using "because."

    Good luck!
    Thanks for the advice! It was really helpful!
  2. by   Life101
    That's how everyone feels when we got accepted. Looking back, I wish I had made a different choice.
  3. by   brittnicole56

    Did you end up applying for the Winter 2014 term? Have you had any correspondence regarding your acceptance?
  4. by   kbondad

    I spent a long time revising my personal statement but my application has been officially submitted. I'm still waiting to hear back but I have my fingers crossed!
  5. by   arthomure
    Hey all,

    I'm jumping in a bit late to this thread, and kind of hijacking it for my purposes, but I really want to get some insight from y'all who have been admitted. I'm hoping to apply for Fall 2014, but by that point, I'll only have taken Anatomy + Physiology I + II. So, I'll still be missing both chemistry requirements. My undergraduate GPA is very good and to this point my science classes are all A's (recently A+P I, medical terminology, and scattered undergrad courses), however I worry that I won't stand a chance without a chemistry grade on the books.

    It wouldn't be the end of the world to wait till the next term and apply with one chemistry class under my belt and hopefully a good grade, but I'm curious as to whether any of you all who were admitted had a transcript similar to mine upon application and were accepted? My undergrad GPA is 3.65ish and my prerequisite GPA is currently 4.0, but again, missing chemistry!

    Any insight would be appreciated!
  6. by   wahhhnders

    You know I can't say for sure. But I'm fairly certain that some priority is given to people who have all their pre requisites completed. However, (and these are just my observations by the way), is that they are accepting more students this term and probably the next one as they want to fill up the Rosalind Franklin program as well which is another 20 something spots making over 70 spots total in the program. I mean with your grades you will easily be accepted unless you write a one sentence personal statement so I wouldn't worry either way.
  7. by   victrola
    Hi Mdecas,

    I have a couple of questions regarding about DePaul's MENP program. I heard that the program is very unorganized. What do you think? Do you feel like the professors are supportive where even though the program might be unorganized it wouldn't matter because a lot of programs are unorganized?
  8. by   SkrewedByDePaul
    veeeery, very disorganized and professors are even worse. no such thing as support exists in that nursing dept and yes that's coming from some1 that went thru the program. find current students 2 talk to that r in the program right now and hear their horror stories
  9. by   puttatoullie

    I got accepted to MENP program for Sp. Anybody know who is good professor for class NSG301, 322,332, and 431 please?

    Thank you

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