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My friend is looking at attending an LPN school soon and she found out about CMK's LPN program. The cost of tuition is around $15,000 and the program is for 10 months. CMK also has an agreement... Read More

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    Hi I am interested in starting a cna school in the chicago suburb area and i SEE you have some experience.

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    KristelRN i just pm'd you. I can definitely see if I can help you.
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    I have graduated from CMK LPN batch 3 in may of this year. I can say I was happy with this program. We had two teachers - Ms. Josana & Mr. Lerio - both of them were excellent! Even though I had medical background from Europe this class was helpful.
    By this moment around 10 people from my class have passed the NCLEX (around 50 of us have graduated in batch 3).
    I'm planning to take the boards by the end of the year (I was little lazy this summer, that's why I'm little behind).

    As far as I know they did not get FAFSA yet but who knows what can happen in the near future

    Basically all LPN schools (at least here in Chicagoland) are a bit hassle, but CMK is pretty much good on that side.
    Tuition is still 15.000 which is still most affordable school in CHGO area. There is payment plan, too which helps a lot.
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    You are right Magelan, am also part of CMK batch 3 that graduated this May, as I am writing 22 people took NCLEX and all passed in one sitting. Everything is not always about school name but rather the quality of education given in the school. I can boastfully say that it is a good school.

    Good luck!
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    By now 26 of us passed from 3rd batch which would be almost 90% from the first attempt

    Hopefully overall score will be much better than the year before...

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