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My friend is looking at attending an LPN school soon and she found out about CMK's LPN program. The cost of tuition is around $15,000 and the program is for 10 months. CMK also has an agreement with Saint Xavier University to... Read More

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    Thanks for the info!!!

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    i went to cna class at cmk and it was great. now i'm planning to enroll in their lpn program in january 8 2011 in westmont campus. in my case, the good thing is that the classes will be held only on weekends

    the new thing is that now they have another more prerequirement - pharmacology costs $700, and the class will be in october for 5 saturdays. terminology is also $700, and anatomy $1000. they accept transcripts from other schools but for people who don't have time to waste in community colleges, it's better to finish these 3 subjects in cmk 'cause you can finish all that in less than 3 months.

    clinicals on cna course was nice, teachers were ok. clinicals are in meadowbrook manor nursing home in bolingbrook.
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    Quote from KB24
    Thank you. The lady left me a voice mail saying the program cost $15,000 and you need to leave a $2,000 deposit before the class starts. You pay the remaining balance with 10 payments of $1,300. They don't offer any finalcial aid at this time.
    is this true as of now? so if I call would it be the same thing plus could i take the antamoy , science, enish, math, etc classes at a and they will transfer so would I need to take there classes or can anything be sufficient , as far as the classes
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    It's true all you wrote

    I would recommend this school
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    Thanks for the updates !
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    iam planing to enroll in there LPN program in about year and a half or 2(working in classes in JC to go there for about 15 grand
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    would you recommend taking anatomy without 1 year of hs bio and not much bio in college, only bio right now i am in is bio 101 which a survey of bio; touch up on all these other stuff like chem, molecules,etc
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    In my opinion, everything connected with Community Colleges is wasting of time. Since “the time is money”, I’ve decided not to go to CC because for prereq’s you need more than a year, and in private schools you can finish everything in less than 4 months. CNA course at CMK is 4 weeks, and the other 3 subjects are 5 weeks long; anatomy is going simultaneously with terminology (ex. Anatomy is Mon/Wed/Fri and Terminology Tue&Thur) so in the best scenario all prereq’s could be done in 3 months. If you take the calculator, you could save a year, and the annual wage for LPNs is more than 40k instead of saving 3k for prereq’s.
    But, if you think that 4 months is not enough to prepare yourself for LPN class because all these prereq’s are too short and fast, than it’s definitely better to go to JJC or COD. My case is different, I was dental doctor in Europe, and I’m very familiar with all these things so I took the fastest option ‘cause I don’t want to waste time working as a CNA.
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    Ok.. so I am having a hard time deciding where to go for my lpn. I'm considering J 'renee Career Facilitation, N. W. Institute if Health and Technology, CMK, or International Career Institute. - All private schools, if I had my choice I would go to Harper, COD or a community college similar. But all the community colleges have an extensive waiting list and most require bio and a few other prerequisites in addition to the basic prerequisites. Ok, so I have visited all the private schools except NWIHT. Lets start with my experience at CMK (Glendale Heights location) I finally find the place, its located on the seconded floor of a run down stripe mall. I see a stairwell and the a CMK sign that directs you to up stairs. I open the door of the stairwell... um kinda scary, dim lighting. I arrive to the second floor and sighhh.. thinking to myself... great another one of these schools. So I Walk around on the floor and see some rooms but no people. I wonder around a little more towards the back and see to asian gentlemen, one on the phone, and the other on the computer. I walk in and say, "hi, I'm interested in the lpn program. He tells me the prereqs - cna, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology and there may be one more... but I pretty much left in a hurry after he listed them off. He also said the lpn program is every march. Which I thought WHen I called a few months back they said hold the programs 4 times a year??? Either way I left in hurry, saddened because I just wasn't feeling the atmosphere. It did look like a school. It looked like a rundown, sketchy place, like, some place you would find in a back alley or something. Just did look professional at all. J' renee, this place is ok... looks a little more well kept than CMK. Their preqs are cna, anatomy and physiology, algebra for health care professionals, and english 101. Their class rooms look rundown and old. Tuition is like $22, 000 or something like that. The only thing holding me back from this school is their 2009 NCLUX passing score, it was 69% ot seems like the score keeps on getting lower and lower each year. Here check it out
    So I'm not sure if the a huge factor when choosing a school? If any knows, please leave a comment. I do know someone who graduated form here a few years ago. They said they liked the school but they didn't really learn anything and most of the learning is when you start working.

    I would love to hear some input from some folks who are struggling on where to go for an lpn program or current lpns and where they went etc. Anyone please help. And if you're not a member, sign up, it takes like 2 seconds.

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    I've never been to Glendale Heights CMK campus but I'll go there in less than a month for pharmacology class which is my last prereq for their LPN. In Westmont is very nice.

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