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Hi! I thought I would start a thread for those of us who have applied for the Fall 2012 Nursing Program at the City Colleges of Chicago. I have heard that they are letting people know on April 18th. Let's hope that's accurate... Read More

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    Dr. Gurney's number: 312-553-2533

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    Well, apparently if we did not write our ccc email, she said, we risk not receiving any response from them (although she did not state that we will not receive a response for sure). She stated that the reason they were specifically requesting ccc emails is because in the past years people did not get responses. Those who didn't get the responses complained that the email was sent to their wrong email address (apparently lots of people change their emails frequently). Also, if we did write the cc email, ccc is not responsible if the email they send goes into our spam folders. So make sure to check all the spam email!
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    Ugh. Still haven't heard back through call OR email. What I'm inferring from this is that Truman Nursing thinks it will be May and Dr. Gurney is still saying tomorrow. I guess it depends on who is more connected with the application process. I hope it's Dr. Gurney!
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    You and me both
  5. 0 you think today is the day? I got up at 6 and opened my CCC email and will have it opened all day waiting. I'm really not expecting anything though. I have delt with CCC long enough to know how it works around there.
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    Alright, maybe I am expecting something. I'm having a hard time getting my kids' breakfast going because I keep running back to the computer to check. This is going to be a long day.

    I'm really irritated they can't just tell us a definate when. They must know that our lives are completely revolving around this right now.
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    I hear ya, Bethany. We have a lot of decisions to make that are contingent upon whether I get in or not! Hurry up!
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    Thanks for all the research and updates everyone! I hope we find out today!!!
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    That's it, I'm calling.
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    I guess I should have known. They aren't even answering. Didn't even ring, went straight to a voicemail saying they couldn't answer now. Oh well. ha

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