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I have decided to pursue my BSN starting next fall. I have applied to numerous colleges and have been turned down by a few. I am afraid I won't get into a local program. I do not want to waste my time in an ADN program when it... Read More

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    Do you guys know what this means for Chamberlain students if their school is not accredited?

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    It is accredited under AACN accredidation. Go to AACN and then choose IL. It's listed under Kaplan but it's the same as Chamberlain since Chamberlain is part of Kaplan.
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    Chamberlain's Chicago campus is not yet accredited because a school can not be accredited until it has a class. The school will go through the accreditation process in September 2010. From what I understand according to my mom who has her PhD in nursing if a school is not accredited it does NOT mean that it is a bad school or that you will not be able to get your license yet. If it is not accredited you can still take the NCLEX upon graduation and become a nurse. If you plan however to go on to further education such as a masters you will not being able to because other schools will not acknowledge the nursing courses that you took. Luckily for Chamberlain since the curriculum is identical to all the other campus it is almost a given that the school will get accredited. The accreditation will also postdate back to the date the school opened so you do not have to worry about taking nursing classes while it is not yet accredited. Hope this makes sense and helps!
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    I was in the same position as you almost...I applied to Chamberlain College of Nursing and got in without a problem. My issue was that a few of my science classes were taken about 5 1/2 years ago and with the cut off, that made them useless despite having A's in those classes - I was NOT about to retake 4 hard classes I already had A's in! Chamberlain has a cutoff of 10 years for prereq's and requires a HESI test to enter, but overall, I was pleased with the admissions process. The Chicago campus is new it is on Belmont and Western.

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