Chamberlain VS NIU?

  1. Hi everyone! So I just had a few questions about Chamberlain College of Nursing versus Northern Illinois University. I know that both programs are great, however, I am having a hard time deciding which one is best for me. I am currently a junior in high school and I plan on starting my pre-reqs at Elgin Community College this summer which which will be transferable to both NIU and Chamberlain. I am also graduating high school early next year in January 2014 and will start my pre-reqs again right after. Chamberlain only requires 8 pre-reqs which I can easily finish before I even start college there if I start this summer. NIU requires these same credits, plus 16 more. Chamberlain is a 3 year college where as NIU is a 4 year college. From my calculation, I will be done with my bachelors degree in little as 2 years if I start in May of 2014 at Chamberlain. NIU is adding up to be $61,000 with dorming for the 3 years after ECC. Chamberlain is adding up to be $73,000 for the 2 years and I will be able to commute. It is also a small college like I wanted. However NIU's nursing program is known to be the best of the best. Which one should I chose?
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