1. Hi all! I'm meeting with an admissions advisor on Monday for the Chamberlain School of Nursing in Chicago. I know the school is fairly new but what has everyone heard about this school??
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  3. by   zoe92
    Meh, I am somewhat wary of schools like ITT Tech and Chamberlain. They are for profit schools so they are run like a business more so than a school. Their tuitions are usually very expensive & sometimes they are not accredited. I would look into a community college or state school first.
  4. by   jenniferkampy
    Yeah that's exactly how I felt too! But it's nationally & regionally accredited... Also accredited by the commission on collegiate nursing education (all of these my cna teacher, who is also an RN, told me to check if they were accredited with) & they are. I have a lot of transfer credits and I would be able to start a a year sooner than if I were to finish up the few pre-reqs that I have left. So that part seems desirable because it's an accelerated BSN, ill be able to start sooner than expected, & possibly finish sooner than 2 years if my credits are applied towards the program. I know it's a pricey but between financial aid & scholarships I qualify for, it could definitely cut out a good portion of the cost. The community college that I'm at has an adn program but they aren't nationally accredited so if I went that route I'd have to wait 2 more semesters to finish my pre reqs, 2 heard to complete the program, & another year to complete an RN to BSN program. The less time consuming option seems way better... I'm ready to start nursing school!!! I guess ill have to see how my appointment on Monday goes
  5. by   justine30
    Hi everyone! that is how I felt at first too, that it's expensive and so on.... however I like the fact that I will be able to get my BSN in just about 2 years, as I have already completed most of the gen ed at a community college, so all I will have to take at Chamberlain are the nursing classes and statistics...please let me know how did your appointment go....I am hoping to start Jan 2014 (just need to take a few more classes over the summer/fall). When are you looking to start Jennifer?