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  1. 0 Ok on nov 3rd I took my entrance test(teas) into CASPN in springfield il. I passed the reading really good but i failed everything else. My worst subject is science. Im asking for advise so I can pass it the next time. I got a book off of cliffnotes and a book off of ATI but all the material is just very overwhelming. What should I study for the science? Is there alot of A&P on there. please help thanks
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    Mwoods that same thing applied to me i too took it nov 3rd and I am retaking dec 1st, did you get the study guide from atitesting? I wish there was a study group.
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    msre23 i got the ati testing book but its very complicated and i wish there was i might ve taking it again dec 1 i have to go out there at 830 abf if someone dont show i can take it
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    Where are you coming from? And yeah we just got to have a better study way lol because that study guide is complicated as heck!
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    im coming from dawson wbu?? we should set up a time and place and study together??
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    Idk where Dawson is but I'm in champaign Urbana how far is Dawson from springfield??
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    its only about 10-15 from springfield
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    Ok so let's make a date! Have you been studying?
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    yes i have been studying a little you should text me 8016640
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    Is Anyone on here planing to get into the nursing program in Feb?
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    Hey erica are you gonna take feb class?
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    Sorry I got this late hun but yes me and Mwoods are both planning on attending the class in Feb!! How about you? when did you take your TEAS?