Are There Refresher Courses Available In West Central Illinois?

  1. Good Morning: I am trying to identify programs that target nurses returning to the workforce. I am interested in programs that bring nurses up to speed with new technologies and practices in existing areas as well as helping nurses to shift focus or area of specialty. I know refresher courses are available in some areas but haven't been able to find any in west central Illinois. Also, are there any other programs that retrain or refamiliarize nurses with today's practices? Thanks so much for any advise anyone might have.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi - I actually can help you. Just got a flyer in the mail from Illinois Central College, East Peoria campus and they are offering a totally on-line RN refresher course - the first in the state according to the ad. I do not know the phone number but I'm sure you can get it. They do have a website also. Hope this helps. Another place that I saw advertised recently was Methodist Medical Center in Peoria - they are offering a nurse refresher course. Good luck.
  4. by   researchingnursing
    Hey thanks!! I am going to check out those sites and see what they are offering. I appreciate your help