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Hey, anyone out there going to South Suburban College in South Holland? I am just starting my pre-req's there, but I've been in school for a while. I like my classes so far, but would love to hear... Read More

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    Hi Kuffy-
    Do you know of anyone who transferred from Moraine Valley's nursing program into South Sub's? Do they accept these students or turn them away b/c it's too complicated? Any info you may have is appreciated. Thanks
    I don't know of anyone who has transferred, but I do remember reading information on the SSC website or maybe in the course catalog that made me think they would be very helpful to transfer students. My best suggestion would be to call counseling and ask for one of the nursing counselors. Be sure to check SSC's website for their names (I don't think I can post them here or I would, you can PM me if you want and I will tell you the 2 I have dealt with, both of whom are very nice) and ask specifically for a Nursing counselor or advising will send you to a regular counselor who 'knows nursing,' and you will not get the right answers for your situation. I think the counselors would be very willing to work with you, they seem eager to see good students get into their programs and to give them a good start as nurses. Good Luck!
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    Kuffy, you seem to know whats going on at SOUTH SUB.. any advice on teachers to try to avoid? im already a bookworm and have no time for anything, so i dont mind much the workloads of some teachers, just really want to make sure they know how to communicate with their students and are helpful.. animated teachers are always a plus.. thanks for the heads up in advance..
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    Dr. Chris Maholy teaches bio 186 I really liked him... Mr. Stemple for Chemistry if you need it... they used to have Mrs. Larson for Micro but.. she left to KCC ... um I didnt have a lot of pre classes before I applied to SSC.. ony because I had an assoc. degree prior so a lot of classes filtered in... just remember there are good and bad and if you get a bad one, just read your book and when they ramble on and on about stupid stuff that dont apply to the class at hand, I ignor them and try to pick out what is important. I do know school is what you put into it. nursing teacher to avoid, I dont really want to say.. only cause im still there.. and well I dont bite the hand that holds my degree... if you know what I mean.. when I graduate.. I def spill my guts!!!