Anyone attending Ambria College for the RN program?

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    As the title states I'm wondering if anyone on allnurses is attending ambria college of nursing in Hoffman estates as a LPN to RN student currently that can help answer a few questions for me. I'm looking to start in September and was wondering how the students currently enrolled in the program like it? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Quote from playas09
    Your question sounds very "program-specific." Ambria's RN program is very new. My bet is that their LPN-to-RN bridge program students are also wondering how this next phase of their education is going to be like.

    Ambria has one of the highest (if not the highest) NCLEX-PN pass rate for private institutions in 2010. I bet their first NCLEX-RN takers will go through a more rigorous academic/clinical experience (than the LPN students) to ensure they continue their high pass rate track.
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    I have just finsished my LPN program at Ambria forerly Americare Institute and this is the first semester of the LPN to RN program; so currently they have had no RN grads yet. In the LPN program I was very frustrated as they would change alot of things last minute or not schedule things until last minute. I felt that most of my classes there were quality classes with the exception of one where the teacher was very unfair and even stated she knew she was and didnt care if she was fired. We took this issue to the dean who did not do anything about the situation. I feel like the education I received there was quality, but the stucture of the program was not very organized. If I ever had a question I often received multiple answers. As an lpn-rn this would be my last resort as a program.
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    If you don't mind all of your financial aid getting messed up Ambria may be the college for you. If you enjoy receiving class schedules 2 weeks before the actual start date this school is the best. I feel the education was good, but I felt the poor management really damages this schools reputation. I can remember countless times of last minute changes and lack of common sense. It's funny that 2 instructors have already left during my short Ambria experience. Ambria benefits on your failure whether it be their unprofessional management or the students laziness. I'd rather be pushed down a flight of stairs than endure another term
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    I, too, attend this school. But I have nothing but positive experience with Ambria's staff and administration. I feel that sometimes they bend over backwards for their students. Charging for graduation is a common practice that one might imagine. Robert Morris University charges $150 person for its graduation. Even a state university, Norther Illinois University charges $29 . I'm surprised that Ambria is only charging $10, considering that its graduation this year is going to be held at an upscale Chicago Marriott Hotel. Seriously! I paid more than $30 for parking my car when I was taking classes downtown... The honor's list only shows those people from Spring 2011. A new one is coming out before the end of this term. Just wait you'll see. Also, I attended the information session, and I was told during the session to take my general education classes from my community college to save money. And when I started the program, I had an orientation that explained their grading process including the 80% grading system you were referring to... About their LPN tuition cost, I have heard from a lot of people who had paid over $30,000 for their LPNs from an out-of-state private school. Ambria is only charging $22,000, and they have an LPN-RN Bridge. Lastly, the $200 refers to the lab and technology which is again explained in the administration's email, new student orientation, and information session. The school is brand new and clean. It has NO FOOD (no pop bottles) in the classroom and NO SMOKING policies that students continue to violate which give the school no choice but to fine those individuals who can not follow rules. The school tries hard to serve its student. Just look at the different student events they're sponsoring. All I'm saying is, visit and check other private LPN schools, then come to Ambria. You'll see what I'm talking about -- it's night and day.
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    Nice post Rachelle0117....Sounds like a real scam to me. Maybe I should post a advertising scam link as well but claim that im average citizen with no affiliation with Ambria. "Just check out the great events Ambria is holding" JUST CLICK here for great service. I really love how ambria has HLC in there accreditation. "HLC certifies place like Harper... COD....." They arent even accredited. You may as well posts some info about NLN accreditation too. Im so glad that Ambria just "casually" lists this info on their accreditation. Click on their HLC link and type in Ambria. I would rather get punched in the face then ever go back to such a soul crushing school.
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    LPNstudent1234... Sorry I don't share your views... Ambria never claims to be NCA HCL (Higher Learning Commission) accredited. But it is accredited since 2007. Their accreditation information is on their website. But I do agree with you about one thing. Their class schedules should be out much sooner. I wonder how much control they have over their clinical sites schedules.
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    AMBRIA is wonderful unlike some of the students in my graduating class. I have never seen a bunch of immature people in my life. I will be graduating in December and will be returning in January for my RN. Unlike most of my classmates, I have been in an actual community college RN program and when and if they get accepted to one of those programs, I guarantee they will be running back to AMBRIA. My advice to you is do your own research and make the best decision that benefits you.
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