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Hi i'm a pre-nursing student at richard daley, just wanted to know if anyone has attended their nursing program.... Read More

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    after your done with the lpn program to you have to re-apply for the RN or you just transfer? from one program to another? right now am at daleys college ive heard so many wrong things about the whole applying process.... i was attending to wright college but since i move to the south side i had no choice but to go to daley. the thing is that daley doesnt have the lpn program i think that wright is a good choice because you have to go through the lpn program first then the rn which is good because it prepares you . not to mention that it will take less time to become a registered nurse. how would you rate wright college?
    I will be finishing up the first semester at Wright (having completed Fund 1 & 2), and I will be moving on to Daley's RN program in the fall 2011. Wright College's PN program is very disorganized & extremely frustrating & unfair. However, after several complaints to district, things are settling here and there, but still bad. There is NEVER a set schedule -it always changes. You never know what the day will be like, even the staff doesn't know whether they are coming or going. Next week we must take the ATI Fund exam and have NOT received any of the 9 ATI study books needed for the test, nor did we receive 6 DVDs -and we have 2 attempts at this exam & kicked out if you fail the 2x. We have to pull teeth to go over our exams and one teacher in particular -ALWAYS screws something up on her exams and we end up with a lower grade because of it, some students even failed. Now after many complaints to district, some things are trying to change, but who knows what changes will actually stick? And the DON/chair is "retiring" -which I think is bs & was just demoted. This is just in a nutshell -they are also VERY VERY rude & snotty & disrespectful.

    I had to really think about my decision based on my academic status, money, etc before accepting to go to Daley, which I heard changed for the better, such as lectures being 8 weeks at a time per subject, not all scrambled together the way they used to be. Also, HESI is demolished, so if you score below the required 850 (I believe it is at Daley), instead failing and thowing away 2 years of your life -you are just required to take a review course. I heard & know that it still has its' ups & downs, & disorganization, but I highly doubt that it's as bad as Wright.

    But no, the bridge is the same amount of time although it's 8 or 9 months. For example: If I were to remain at Wright, I would graduate in December of this year, 2011. I must wait about THREE to FIVE months before I can take the NCLEX-PN (which the school takes their sweet time with pprwrk, but that's not solely why you have to wait 3-5 mos). You are required to be a LICENSED PN before even applying to the bridge program. So, let's say the latest I take the NCLEX-PN is in May 2011 (which is 5 mos after graduation). Then the RN courses begin in the fall of 2012. So August 2012 to May 2013 is 09 months of the RN program. And yes, you must reapply -and there is NO guarantee you'll be accepted even if you graduated from Wright's PN program! There are only 40 or so seats available & they choose from other schools as well. --I'll be graduated from Daley in May 2013. Same time frame. The grass is NOT greener on this side. I know past and recent grads of the program, and this is exactly what's happening. I hope I gave you some insight.
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    Hello Guys,

    Is there anyone out there attending Daley's nursing program in 2011? If so, are you in receipt of your acceptance letter? I am in receipt of an e-mail, but no further information.

    Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

    Best regards,
    Coconutt Queen
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    Hello Coconut Queen, yes, I was accepted to Daley. I created a facebook group called DALEY COLLEGE RN CLASS OF 2013. Request to join, there are several students as members already. Its a private group, only for its title. Best!