Any Prairie State college hopefuls for fall 2012 - page 3

I was just wondering are there any prairie state hopefuls for 2012 out there?... Read More

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    how much did samland charge you?
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    I can't remember! It was long ago
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    I'm waiting to receive my letter this week! I have 114pts so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Another question what have you guys been doing since your last semester, have you worked? Kept going to school? I'm going to be free from the end of fall which is middle December until August when the program starts. Any suggestions on how I should spend mY time?
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    I hope you all get in!!!! Couple of more days until you get those letters!
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    @pinky Omg I can't take the wait our we getting them this week??
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    @dcw yes takes some pre-reqs towards your bsn! Work, enjoy life before you get in the program!
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    This is going to be a long paragraph, I've been going to Prairie State since 2009, I was homeschooled before and I had to take all of the developmental classes, reading 98, english 98, math 085, etc. I've applied to the nursing program twice, this is my 2nd time applying. Last year, I completed Micro, and A&P 1 &2 with A's I was also overwhelmed by 2 math classes, I took another developmental math the lowest one math 80, so I can refresh my memory for the Hesi. but I also had math 095, and it sucked. I past micro a&p and math 80 with A's, and failed 095 with a D. During this time, I was also going to the Hesi workshop, which was helpful, when I took the Hesi though-I missed by 1 point. I think I originally had about 112 points, and they took 5 away. I do not know if they consider that failing or not. Take away 10 or 5, add 10 or 5, so im not sure if they consider it failing, or not. So this year, I had 137 points, and I used the same hesi score to take away 5, because I refuse to retake the test. My reasoning is that, I really don't like this school, I went to the nursing orientation, and boi were they sassy. I understand I have to work hard in this program, but I really feel that some of the staff do not meet you half way. I took my CNA course at prairie state in the summer, and God was it TERRIBLE!! the only thing we got to do in our clinical was feeding patients. It was terrible! the lecture was based on the professors' personal life, how her uterus is upsidedown, and can never have a child, how her sister has aids because she was promiscuous, the experience was terrible. I am considering moving to schaumburg to go to Harper College, I have all of their prereques met except Chemistry, I have a friend that's in that program, and she loves it, they have more resources than prairie state, which is a huge plus. At the nursing orientation, did anyone catch what the nursing dean said about clinical hours? 5HOURS A WEEK?? THAT'S NOTHING!! Harper college has atleast 20 hours a week! I think Prairie State tries to make the program harder than it has to be, to keep their prestige image. I'm waiting for an acceptance letter, but I have strong desire to look elsewhere, and that's what I'm doing. I heard soooooooooooooo many ppl failed this program, and the dean not once acknowledge that it could be their staff that played a role in the failures. Whatever you guys do, just think smart, explore your options, because investing in this school can be a waste of time.
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    anybody get their letters yet?!

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