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I was just wondering are there any prairie state hopefuls for 2012 out there?... Read More

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    Quote from dcw132003
    ive started studying for the hesi. quick questiom, can i use a calculatore on the test?
    no they dont allow u to use a calculator

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    Thanks jasel and shollidd for all the info!
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    i was just looking into which art or humanities i should takr, you lafies have any siggestions for an easy course? already taking micro and ap2 in the fall so the easirt the better.
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    super easy course that i took was humanities 101 with a professor named bacon or beacon. you just have to get through the lectures, the test and quizes are pretty easy, got an A with no problem. but make sure you go there everyday to show you are serious.
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    im thinking about trying it online, think itll be doable? they have human 101 and art 129.
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    I took human 101 twice online. The first time I failed because the teachers site had a weird setup. I only saw tests, quizzes, and one paper. The second time was like other online classes I took...weekly discussions and quizzes, a formal essay, and a final. I had to drop though. I'll post the teachers name when I find it.
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    So what insurance do we have to have? I've been seeing ads for professional liability insurance...I'm so confused!
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    Quote from Pinky723
    So what insurance do we have to have? I've been seeing ads for professional liability insurance...I'm so confused!
    Some type of health insurance. Prairie State offers some cheap crappy health insurance but it will cover you.
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    Thanks Jasel
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    i hope someone sees this. any other nurse on here can answer these questions for me please! career project for speech due tomorrow! i really hope someone sees this! never dawned on me about guys! been searching for a nurse for a week!

    years in position
    how did you decide to enter this field?
    what kind of education or training do you have?
    what activities and responsibility on the job?
    generally with organization, individual workers do not make all the decisions. how are work decisions made in organization?
    how much influence do you have over those decisions?
    what do you like best about your job? least?
    what do you find most difficult about your job?
    what would you change about your job if you could?
    what sort of person do you have to be to be really good at this job?
    what specific advice would give to a person entering this field?
    where do you expect to go from here?

    Thanks in advance!

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