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  1. by   Jasel
    Sorry for the late replies. Completely forgot about this thread.

    Does it matter what shoes you buy? The uniform company at the school did not offer shoes. Do you have a litman stethoscope?
    They have to be white nursing shoes. These are definitely a must. They cannot be white gym shoes or the instructors will send you home and you'll have an absent clinical day. And my stethoscope is from a company called "Prestige Medical". It's pretty good and very light around the neck. Was like $30 but worth it.

    "1more thing, did you purchase 6books for 101? or the additional 6 recommended books? i almost fainted when i saw the supplies for fall."
    I think I just bought the required books. I might have bought a study guide but never used it.

    How much is the drug screening at st james? Anyone know how much the titers are there? Is there a complete list of our supplies?
    Franciscan St. James Health | Chicago Heights, Illinois | Olympia Fields, Illinois

    That link has the phone numbers for the Occupational Health Centers for St. James in Olympia Fields and Chicago Heights. Just give them a call to ask for pricing and see what services they provide. I know they do drug screens and titers. The titers sounded expensive from what I remember (had mine done at the Doctor's office though) but you only have to do them once, just hold onto the records.

    As for supplies they'll probably let you know more about what is required once you start the program. But you don't start clinicals until about 3 weeks in anyway so you'll have a better idea by then. The instructors won't have you showing up not knowing what to bring. I'd say at least have a stethoscope, second hand watch, black markers, and buy a package of black pens (believe me you'll lose a lot of pens at first) if you just want to feel prepared. Also a blood pressure cuff.
  2. by   shollidd
    drug screen at st james is 39 physiccal is 39, tdap is 70, 2step tb is 96, i will find out about the titers, it's expensive though. I think the 111 might be better in the fall the syllabus says that 111 is designed to be taken concurrently with 101. Pinky we gottah stay focused!Loll Hey I have an extra book if you need it, bought 2, (was tryna be cheap)by buying it on amazon, but didn't realize that i needed the package! so its just the book. so probably
  3. by   shollidd
    Thank Jasel!!! Awesomeeeeee!Lol
  4. by   shollidd
    Yes you can register for Math 085 this summer, some of them start today (tuesday 29th), mrs. willoughby said that the nursing department don't handle the math classes. Just register for them like any other class. I will not be able to attend a math class at psc because my credits are too high and I would not be able to fund for the rest of the nursing program, so I will be taking mine at south suburban, and trying to figure out a way to leave my job. I'm also working on a *ME* space so I can focus. lol Goodluck! I'm in you're class!! lol Did you do the BIO? and Scavenger hunt?lol
  5. by   shollidd
    good look missy, those science classes are key, and try your hardest to learn the material, I'm freaking out about relearning my AP classes and Micro and CNA! they want you to know those materials, and BASIC MATH. Let me know how you're doing.
  6. by   dcw132003
    ive started studying for the hesi. quick questiom, can i use a calculatore on the test?
  7. by   Pinky723
    Quote from dcw132003
    ive started studying for the hesi. quick questiom, can i use a calculatore on the test?
    no they dont allow u to use a calculator
  8. by   Pinky723
    Thanks jasel and shollidd for all the info!
  9. by   dcw132003
    i was just looking into which art or humanities i should takr, you lafies have any siggestions for an easy course? already taking micro and ap2 in the fall so the easirt the better.
  10. by   shollid
    super easy course that i took was humanities 101 with a professor named bacon or beacon. you just have to get through the lectures, the test and quizes are pretty easy, got an A with no problem. but make sure you go there everyday to show you are serious.
  11. by   dcw132003
    im thinking about trying it online, think itll be doable? they have human 101 and art 129.
  12. by   Pinky723
    I took human 101 twice online. The first time I failed because the teachers site had a weird setup. I only saw tests, quizzes, and one paper. The second time was like other online classes I took...weekly discussions and quizzes, a formal essay, and a final. I had to drop though. I'll post the teachers name when I find it.
  13. by   Pinky723
    So what insurance do we have to have? I've been seeing ads for professional liability insurance...I'm so confused!

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