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I was just wondering are there any prairie state hopefuls for 2012 out there?... Read More

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    Congrats Pinky!! when we get to registration, we're going to have to figure out who's I'll just ask around if anyones' on Hopefully we'll figure out who's who out of the 95 of

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    Quote from shollidd
    I thought you had to have your bsn to get into trinity hospital, and I heard st. James don't hire RNs Definitely makes me nervous about job hunting after graduating
    St James hospital or st James manor?? They both hire RNs
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    Quote from shollidd
    Nursebetie congrats!! I'll see ya May23rd, are you buying uniforms there? Do you know what sections of Nurse 101 you're taking this fall? I wish I knew what time clinicals were.
    No I'm nor buying them there. I'm going to buy else where! My friend said its unisex sizes and they never for me right!
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    This post is
    Thanks so much, and I hope you finish out the rest of the year on top. What books did you use for Nurse 101? and Nurse 111?
    Is Fall considered the first semester even if you take the Nurse 111 over the summer?
    Did you your uniforms at the school? or went to a shop? How many would you recommend buying?
    Would you recommend study groups for you personally? or by yourself?
    For you're 2nd semester what material did you mainly focused on?
    Sorry for the questions, are you taking the summer off?
    Ok, im
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    Quote from shollidd
    I heard governors state is not accredited. Is that true?
    They accredited by NLN
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    jasel, there is no grady for nurs 111 this summer aww lol theres only green and
    schwartz, do you know these instructors? did you get randomly picked during orientation? when will they tell you clinical times? and did you have clinicals in the nursing home?
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    Do you know where to get health insurance? Physical taken? Titiers? I got my TB ad Titers done at work months ago..can I use that? I also have a CPR card. I do not have health insurance, and if I don't there any other way of getting health insurance for clinicals?
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    Thats awesome! That gives me hope!!!Lol Nursebetie are you already in the program at psc? or did you just get accepted into the program? I'm trying to get things together before I get to the orientation and get freaked out
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    St. James hospital, hmm my bf called HR at St James hospital in chicago heights and asked if they hire RNs at all, and they said no only BSNs. I don't know if it's their way of upping their criteria or they just didn't want to be bothered.
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    It seems to me that i've been getting a lot of WRONG information,lmao!

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