Any CLC Students in the new program?

  1. Hi,

    I know that CLC(College of Lake County) has recently revamped there program. Is anyone currently in it? How is it going? Just looking for a general update. I am going to apply for the program this summer after my cna class and hopefully starting in Jan 2012! Haven't heard from any CLC students on here lately.

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  3. by   Applelovesyou17
    Im not going yet, so I cant answer that but I will be a clc student soon for you have any suggestions?
    Im so worried
  4. by   needadiversion
    I'm finishing my 2nd semester in a couple of weeks. It's a tough program, but not impossible. I'm A's and B's right now. I suggest taking ALL prereqs before the program if you can. I had micro 1st semester and the time commitment was crazy. Focus on yourself and try not to get too psyched out--it isn't productive! Good luck!
  5. by   Scrubmouse RN
    I'm graduating from the program in a week. wow! it went by fast! It's a lot better than their "old" program where you could fail the entire course if you didn't pass the PE which is the practical. I think now they do something similar during second semester. Second semester is a weed-out course. The evening sections had 19 people in the first semester, and now only 7 of us are graduating next week. Most of them failed second semester. So make sure you study!

    This is off topic, but now that I'm graduating I no longer have use for my scrubs, if you know anybody who doesn't want to shell out money for them or needs extras, I'm willing to donate them. They are x-small on top and small bottoms. I also have the warm up jacket which is a small. And if anyone needs a gently used purple rolling backpack, I will sell it for $15.

    Good luck!

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