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    I'm currently an LPN. I was waiting for a spot to open in a 2 year RN bridge program. Because I hadn't heard anything, I applied to an accelerated BSN program here in
    IL (16 months to complete) and was accepted (contingent on my financial aid), and that starts in the fall. The ADN starts in a few weeks, and they called me this morning to offer me a seat.
    I don't know what to do! Are hospitals in Chicago really only hiring BSNs? What would you do?

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    Do what you are willing to be in debt for. Nursing jobs are extremely hard to come by for all new nurses as well as experienced nurses. You will, regardless be responsible for the debt you incur - job or no when you graduate. You have to have a plan for loan repayment or you will not be able to renew your license when 2 years comes around - default on college loans will disqualify you for license renewal. Many new grads remain unemployed after 2 years of looking for work...
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    Thank you for your reply.
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    If I could time travel back to the beggining of nursing, I would have gone to a BSN program. Only because it will save me time. The application dates are once a year here for the Rn-BSN that I was looking at. So if you miss that dealine, you got to put it all off for another year. Where as the BSN grads are free and clear to work and not have to worry about school work. I would be looking at working, then going home to do homework, papers, research and other bull.
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    I'm job searching in Chicago now, and everything I've seen requires a BSN. Definitely get the BSN. I'm almost done with mine, but even that is not enough, it seems.
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    Thank you to everyone who has replied. I have decided to go with the accelerated BSN. Even better- I found out today all my ducks are in a row, so to say, and I can begin in May instead of in the fall! I appreciate everyone's input.
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    Which school did you decide in?
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    Most hospitals in Illinois only hire minimal with BSN. I am a striving nursing student and everyone I come in contact with always has advised me to pursue a bachelors in nursing. I do not know if you have heard lately but most hospitals or medical facilities are seeking a masters degree or above. So, I hope I've been helpful.
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    Hm. I had replied the other day, but my post seems to have disappeared. I am going with Olivet Nazarene University's (Oak Brook campus) accelerated BSN.

    I have not personally heard that the hospitals are moving towards Master's degrees as an entry requirement, but then again, I am not surprised by much nowadays. Are they going to provide the salaries to go with that requirement and off-set the cost of the education? I highly doubt it.
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    How did the financial aid process go for you Platinum? I'm in the works with the school now and I was told that even students that get the full max on grants, etc still have to take out loans. I don't have great credit at all and no cosigner for loans. I am nervous about the outcome on this. Can you shed some light on your experience with the payment for the education?

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