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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    Hey guys, before I ask the Truman Admin people, does anyone know if we are eligible for the U-Pass by taking Nursing 101 plus the clinicals?


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    I don't believe we are since we are technically part-time with just 7 credits.
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    It would be nice to know if the hours from our clinicals and lab skills carry over to that 7 credits...
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    Craven book packet came in today... Torn between opening the package or leaving it alone until our first day..

    Everything is starting to sink in.. AHHHHHH!!
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    Is there anyone else that has Professor *****and is unable to see any documents on blackboard? In her email this morning she said she posted the syllabus and some other documents to print, but I don't even have the course listed in blackboard yet. Thanks!
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    Yea i got the email too but i don't have any course on blackboard.
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    Does anyone know if the clinical will start right away or if they will start later?

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    Clinicals start later.
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    Quote from Aidansmom
    I don't believe we are since we are technically part-time with just 7 credits.
    I just figured that since they require for us to travel, that it would have been nice for them to compensate for the cost... Oh well...
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    I got an email as well, but there is no information available on the Blackboard. I emailed her back asking to make it accessible for us. So far, haven't got any answer.

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