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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    I was at Beck's/Truman today and they told me there is some kind of CCC meeting on Monday to finalize the citywide booklist.

    Then we should be able to get books from Beck's and see the final list. I hope there is a follow-up email about books Mon. afternoon.

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    Hello everyone.Did you guys receive the most recent email about the skills lab schedule? Does anyone know if we should be choosing the available dates that correlate with the clincial Abbr we chose during registration?
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    No, can u put it up. Please!
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    So I called Beck's and still no word on the books! Said they are still waiting to hear back from the program.
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    Hey All - I didn't get an email about the 2 hour lab -- could someone post it here? And also let me know who it was from so I can follow up? Thanks!
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    So this new book list is the same as the one that we got few weeks ago, it's really not clear which books to buy for the first year.
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    Anyone knows if we can switch lab skills hours??? I can only go Thursday morning and I got Monday 4 to 530 pm...I have to work until 430... This schedule is afternoon schedule not's crazy....
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    What is happening?? Was this skills lab even mentioned before this? And are we expected to go every week? I feel like this is kind of getting out of control with them adding and changing things every day! So frustrated with the whole thing right now!
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    There's a skills lab??? I never received that email.... yay to Truman
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    Skills lab is a basic part of the program. You have to attend and it is a weekly thing and it lasts two semesters.

    I'm sorry you guys have specific times to be there - I'm sure they're doing it this way because last year, it was a free for all with sign up. Just be careful if you still need to take Micro or A&PII - they could conflict with lab times.

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