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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    I am also interested in switching from the evening to the day schedule so if there is anyone else interested in switching please email me at Thanks so much!

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    Was I the only one that didn't get an update. We received the book list a couple weeks ago. I stopped into the Nursing Dept to get a print out today. Only to be told that the book list has not been finalized and if I went to Becks to purchase, they won't let me.

    I just called Becks and was told by Bob that now all CCC Nursing Programs have to use the same books, which they currently are not. He also mentioned that he heard the other schools are supposed to start using Truman's book list. If the Truman's book list isn't used then they have to order the new books and send back the wrong ones. However, he hasn't received a confirmation and instructed me to callback Wednesday afternoon.

    I am surprised that I didn't get an email tell me that the book list isn't correct. I know one student mentioned that they ordered the books already on Amazon However, I am thankful to Bob at Becks for giving me some info.
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    Quote from Aidansmom
    Should we assume that the schedule attached in the latest email is the correct schedule and not the one sent last week? If that's the case there are no more Friday clinicals with the 6:00 class
    Haha I saw that, nice of them NOT to mention the change. I noticed it too since I wanted the 6 w/Friday clinicals.

    I don't understand why we can't just choose any open clinical spot, they're not all by the same instructor so who cares? I wonder if we'd be allowed to switch clinicals with other students no matter what class/shift? I doubt it but it'd be nice.

    Never heard back about being late to those orientation classes.
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    If you are going to the evening registration on July 24th, let me tell you the process of what happened for the morning cohorts:
    YOU NEED: ID / Drivers License and Proof of Residency via Bill/Lease/etc.
    1. Formed a line, they required ID, picked a sealed envelope out of a box containing a number, and entered Novar Hall.
    2. Received 4 sheets of paper regarding classes, orientation reminder, bookmark, and calendar. Seats were numbered and you sat according to your number.
    3. They explained how registration was going to go down. Form a line towards the front right end to pick your class. If you're in line and have not picked a class, they will update you if a class/clinical is unavailable.
    4. Once a class has been picked, you get a sheet of paper to fill in any changes in your address/name/etc. and you had to fill in your student ID number, SS #, your income, employer, etc.
    5. Hand in the paper on the left side of the room towards 2 ladies who will want to see a proof of residency. This will determine how much you have to pay for with your tuition. Out of district will result to paying higher.
    6. Your name will be called and you will receive your class schedule. You have to set up a payment within 24hours.

    - If you have a hold on your account, they explain what you need to do.
    - Once you pick your classes, you cannot change them. Even if a person drops out of your favored class, you cannot switch.
    - If you forgot to bring a proof of residency, they will be around in room 135 (Registrar office) in the new building. Go back to your house and bring your stuff!
    - You have 24 hours to pay or set up a payment plan. This can be online.
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    According to Becks, booklist should be confirmed by the school in a week.
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    Hi All, Just learned about the board today and glad to read all the helpful information posted by other users. Looking forward to the semester. Am in the evening cohort, 4-5:50 with Saturday clinical.
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    I have a stupid question... I can't set up a payment plan on my .. I can only pay in full... Is it something that I'm doing wrong?
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    I just tried and it looks alright. I went to finance and than account summary. on the left i had the option to pay in full and on the right to setup a payment plan.
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    Does anyone know the address of the evening 6-7:30pm associated clinicals? Somewhere in Melrose Park?
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    Hello. Is any one else in the 4-5:50 Monday and Wednesday class? I will miss the first day and was hoping someone else in the class could help me out with notes from the first day. If you can help message me and I'll give you my email. Thanks!!

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