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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear,... Read More

  1. by   Katja508
    Sorry, meant reading list! Someone has it posted above. The Med-Surg is Lewis but you only have to look up the study tips part on the site. So for those of you who don't have the book yet:

    Medical-Surgical Nursing, 8th Edition - Sharon L. Lewis, Shannon Ruff Dirksen, Margaret M. Heitkemper & Linda Bucher. ISBN:9780323065801

    There is no code to put in so you should be able to register and sign up now.

    By the way, it took me forever to find the required section (Study and Exam Taking Tips). After you register, there will be a bar on the left side of the home page. Under My Content, click on Resources then click on the blue Lewis...etc. link. It will open a new page. Click on the blue Resources link. The section is under Chapter 1 under student resources, then Prepare for exams. A little convoluted but I hope that helps someone else save some time!

    Feeling a little frustrated that I didn't just bite the bullet and get all the required books to begin with and now won't be prepared for the first day. Such is life, I guess!
  2. by   Aidansmom
    Thanks for the link!! I don't have the teacher that y2dave13 mentioned in his booklist post, but do you think we'll all need all of those materials? I may need to do some overnight Amazon shipping!
  3. by   Katja508
    Ah I see! I thought I saw above that you also had D? It's really tricky not to be able to use names! We'll have to think of nicknames for everyone!

    The booklist that I got in my email (not on BB) is the same as the one posted above. I have D and class MW 6:00-7:50. Maybe that can narrow it down!
  4. by   Aidansmom
    Gotcha! I am in the 4:00-5:50 class with A, but if you got the same booklist as the prior posting I bet we all have the same readings since he said his professor is R. Like you said, tricky!!
  5. by   ItsmeJeff
    Hi all, I'm Jeff, evening cohort 4-5:50 class. I couldn't get the BB to work either, all weekend. I'll call Tech today BUT is there any way someone can print an extra copy of whatever it is we're supposed to print for me? Just in case it doesn't pan out. I'll buy you Cheetohs or something to make up for the ink and paper! Or you can email me a copy of the docs ( that'd be cool too.

    On a side note to any feeling they're putting things off, don't worry, I don't have 1 book yet (needless to say I won't have any reading done by tonight) so you can't be off as bad as I am hahaha. I don't even have the book list, it never opens in my emails.

    Anyway, see you all tonight.
  6. by   Aidansmom
    Is there anyone in the 4-5:50 class that does have Nursing 101 listed in their Blackboard course list?

    I got a hold of tech support and they said the only thing that can be the cause of the problem is that the professor needs to activate the course for us. I emailed our professor and asked her if that might be the issue, but I haven't heard back yet because I just sent it a minute ago. If some students in the class have the course listed I can't imagine that's the problem, but I wanted to check.

  7. by   maane1005
    For those who have the instructor A for the 4-550 class section 101G, the course is now open on blackboard!
  8. by   ItsmeJeff
    Thanks, she just emailed me confirming that too. Hope you guys have a nice supply of ink and paper because there's a TON to print.
  9. by   maane1005
    No way am I printing one of the files that is 80 pages long! I'll just go ahead keep the file in hand and refer to it when needed because I highly doubt we will be going through each page.
  10. by   tchannings
    Has anybody heard anything about the skills lab attendance for today? Yes, no, maybe???
  11. by   ItsmeJeff
    So, in case anyone's late on this like me, this site is good for renting books Knetbooks - Textbook Rentals rented 3 of the main books we need for under $100. I still doubt I get ALL of the "required" text books, but the site has a ton. I don't work for them, just passing on the info.
  12. by   xMooMoox
    Has anyone filled out an evaluation for the orientation held last week?
  13. by   kmccoy
    I've done the evaluation.

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