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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear,... Read More

  1. by   -Rick
    Does anyone know what skills lab section is for 2XBX? Its not on the list I think there was a typo on the registration
  2. by   Dnersh
    There is a "skills lab?" I have my work schedule allready planned out around the current scheduleing. No one ever said anything about a lab! Also, they sent out an updated book list? I called Becks yesterday and it was still on hold.
  3. by   xMooMoox
    I called the office yesterday to ask them what this "skills lab" was for and that I never received such email about it, nor about the updated booklist. Apparently I wasn't on their email listing. The lady told me that she added me on to their email listing and that I should be getting emails from them now. I have yet to see anything in my inbox...
  4. by   -Rick
    Si I spoke with and anyone else who is assigned there was a typo the skills lab for anyone assigned to 2XBX is actually instead 2YBX, FYI for anyone else in the same section.
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  5. by   kmccoy
    Did anyone get the new email sent today at 2:30 saying we have to call to confirm registration for orientation along with doing that online entry. This is so confusing and I am at the end of my rope with these people and we haven't even started!
  6. by   violet.78
    here is the email that i've just received. unfortunately, the office is closed right now and it will be open again on saturday from 9pm -1:30pm. i wish they could have sent this message earlier.


    please see the attached schedule for the day and evening cohort orientation august 13th-16th. registration is required by using the link below.[font=times new roman,serif][font=times new roman,serif].

    after you register online, you must call the continuing education department at
    (773) 907-4440 in order to complete registration. if you have not, please do so today.


    harry s. truman college nursing
    1145 w. wilson ave.
    chicago, il 60640
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  7. by   traumaRUs
    Per our terms of service, to which everyone agrees to when they join, we ask that you not post names of instructors and/staff at schools.
  8. by   lungu2007
    Anyone excited for next week? will be a loooong week
  9. by   maane1005
    Yes! I am greatly looking forward to going to school with no books in hand. (Please note sarcasm)

    Anyways, still waiting for that finalized book list. I guess we'll be stuck with having to spend over a thousand dollars if we are left with no other choice but to purchase our books at the book store...
  10. by   Katja508
    That's what I'm worried about! I always get my books from Amazon or similar. If we're only given a week to get them, we'll have to pay up!

    I called the Continuing Education department on Friday but of course they were gone for the day. When they called back today, they said that I was officially signed up for the Daytime orientation! Great! Except I'm in the Evening Cohort! Ugh. So I had to call back and leave a message and who knows if they'll get it before Monday's orientation and if it will mess everything up!

    I'm dreading telling my boss about the Skills Lab! I cannot believe they sprung this on us 2 weeks before classes start and AFTER we registered and finagled our schedules to work.

    I'm beyond frustrated and I feel like I've been saying that for months now!!
  11. by   maane1005
    From what I have been told, this is just the beginning of everything. As disorganized as everything is right now, I am just so glad and thankful I am in this position to start the nursing program. However, it would definitely have been nice if everything was set and finalized prior or a few days after we registered for classes and clinicals. That way, everyone's needs and schedule could be accommodated.
  12. by   Endless_STi
    I tried emailing them to see if I can switch my lab skills hours, but no reply back yet. It appears that I will have to switch my AP2 to a night course though; otherwise, it would conflict with my lab schedule. Sigh...
  13. by   -Rick
    Despite not getting all information sooner I am very excited to begin!!!

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