Accepted to a CCC nursing program?

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    If you were accepted to a CCC nursing program today (Truman, Daley, Malcolm X) via email, could you please share the following with us: What were your grades in the basic Chemistry, Biology, and Math classes (the three prerequisites)? Thank you for your assistance. A number of us haven't heard yet.

    Second, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Hope you all do great.
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    I haven't heard from them yet and I have an A in all 3, if that helps
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    It does, thanks.
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    hey zbb CCC is still sending out email!! i got into truman.

    my grades are all A's in math bio chem. B in english. 96 COMPASS score

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    Thanks for letting me know. Do I go to sleep tonight, or figure they gave up already?
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    Quote from zbb13
    Thanks for letting me know. Do I go to sleep tonight, or figure they gave up already?
    keep waiting! one of my friend is still waiting also
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    Hey everyone! Congrats to those who got in. I just received an e-mail that I got into Daley. I'm happy but it is very far away from my house. I would have loved to be at Truman. I got B's in all of the pre-reqs. However, I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and I sent in a letter of recommendation from my employer. I've been a caretaker for over 3 years.
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    Congratulations???? Where do you live? And what time were you notified???
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    Z one of my friends just received email at 10:47 pm CST. i guess email is still being sent out. hang in there!
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    tx but think it is zzzzz time. I see someone got in with 3 B's, so I surely hope, since I have better grades, I get in, too. I have class tomorrow 7 am. Gnight. p.s. I am happy for them and appreciate their letting me know...gave me hope.

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