3rd Semester at JJC

  1. hi!

    does anyone out there know what the schedule looks like for 3rd semester? i'm about to start my 2nd semester and just trying to see how things will/won't change next semester!

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  3. by   joanie2341
    Third semester is set up much like second semester. There are 3 rotations - 2 med surg and 1 mental health. With my schedule I will have class 2 days per week and clinical one day.

    I will be starting third semester next week, so I can't really give you specifics on what the level of difficulty is.

    Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about 2nd semester. One piece of advice - use your ATI books to help study for exams, especially OB. They really help! With the help of those books, I got A's on several exams last semester!
  4. by   tnl69953
    I too just started 3rd semester at JJC. 2 theory days and one clinical day per week. Not as crazy as it was at the beginning of 2nd semester (thank goodness!) Several of us were very stressed during the first several weeks of 2nd semester because of a lack of a real schedule. LOTS and LOTS of paperwork 2nd semester... OB rotation is awesome but the volume of work is crazy. Don't fall behind in reading! Keep up, it is a hard semester, so just hang in there, keep plugging along and know that you WILL feel better in 3rd, even if you get MS2 first!