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2011 summer externship - illinois/missouri

  1. 0 Hi!
    I am currently looking into an externship for summer 2011. This will be my first one so I am very new to the idea. Please reply if you know of any externships offered in Illinois/Missouri areas.
    Thank you all for the help,
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    Karty 708--

    Have a look at OSF--St. Francis, I guess--in Peoria, IL (a Google inquiry will get you there).

    As I recall, from having looked at this on-line, they offer a 10-week summer externship, at about $10.45 an hour, 36 hours/week.

    Requires smth like a 3.2 grade average, 1 semester of RN nursing program clinicals done.

    (If I wanted to do this, it would be about 3 years off in the future; so I have not remembered all the detail of it.)

    Hope this is of some help.

    If, as, and when, I might be actually looking for smth like this, I would also be looking at the Quad Cities area of IL/IA (Moline/Rock Island, IL; Davenport/Bettendorf, IA); however, I have not looked in this area at all, for this purpose, at present.
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    Karty 708--

    OK, I see you're interested in IL/MO.

    I lived in STL 30 years (not interested in nursing, then); grew up as a kid in western MO, more or less near KCMO.

    What I would do is (this can all be done on-line):

    - Identify all likely hospitals in your target area;
    - Look at their HR connection for externships (how I found the OSF St. Francis (Peoria) situation);
    - Look all over everyone's website for any connex to an externship;
    - In STL, the general outlook on life is, there's STL, and then there's 'outstate MO'; so, look at STL; then KCMO (I grew up near there, but have no current familiarity); & then, Columbia, St. Joseph, Springfield. In STL, I would actively seek out info about Barnes-Jewish Hospitals/Med. Ctr.; STL Univ. Hospitals (Firmin DesLoge); MO Bapt. Med Ctr; St. John's Mercy Med. Ctr., perhaps St. Anthony's Med. Ctr., perhaps St. Vincent de Paul; and there may be others I don't remember or am not thinking of at the moment--Christian Hospitals NE and NW, e.g.

    A few phone calls m/h/2/b/d, to run down info, or even to find out who might have a summer nursing externship. I'd guess Barnes/Jewish m/b a fertile ground to plow; I know Jewish Hosp. (so close to Barnes, it has become part of Barnes*) has or had a nursing school.

    *(If you're not in or near STL, Barnes is HUGE--1200 beds, 50+ OR's, etc., when I was there--10 years or more ago.)

    You might also look at HCA hospitals. HCA is a for-profit hospital chain based in Nashville, TN, if I'm not misremembering. (Look up HCA hospitals on-line; then click on whatever their equivalent is for Find a Hospital, or Find a Facility. Then click on the particular state (on the map) you're interested in.) Point of this is that HCA is big in MO--probably not in STL. I think they have a BIG footprint in the KCMO area, extending into the KCK area.

    My (Texas) HCA experience does not extend to knowing whether they sponsor nursing student summer externships; but they have such a large presence in the KCMO area, that I d/n think it would hurt to ask.--That's ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK. And then, find more people to ask.

    I hope this may have been, and will continue to be, of help--an idea generator.

    Go for it!