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St. Luke's RN Residency Spring 2013

  1. 0 I would like to start a thread for everyone applying to the St. Luke's RN Residency in Idaho. Good luck to everyone through this process! I am applying from out of state.
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    Thx for posting this nurse_2365! The app is still open so I just applied. (Whew-- I was worried I missed the deadline.) Have you heard anything??
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    Last I received was a confirmation email stating they received all of my documents. However, I got an offer elsewhere. Goodluck to you! I do know a nurse that works at St. Lukes who applied in March and got a call in August for interview.
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    I also got the confirmation email a few weeks ago and am waiting to hear back. Hoping to hear something soon..
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    So I just received the exact same form-letter email confirmation saying that my packet is complete, that I got 3 weeks ago. Huh? Anyone have any updates? Thanks.
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    I turned in my packet last week and haven't heard anything since...
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    Anybody ever hear anything back? I applied about a month ago and curious to know how the process works and how long it took for you all.
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    In 2007, I applied from out of state. I didn't receive a call back until about a month before I graduated. I was a little afraid I was moving without a job. I had a phone interview (team interview) and was offered a job not too long after. I would just call the nurse recruiter and ask about the status of the residency application process. The nurse recruiter WANTS to recruit! Do not be afraid to call her/him!!