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I'm looking at applying to Idaho State's Boise-based fast-track program. I know it's a relatively recent one, but was hoping there might be a few people out there who have gone through it or know someone who has. Thoughts? Advice?... Read More

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    all you need to know about isu's fast track bsn program in boise:

    i'm currently attending this program and i love this program has awesome staff and great students. students are all obtaining a second degree so they know how to study and have unique backgrounds (which adds to my experience). i feel like i could study with any one of them and be prepared for some of those difficult tests.

    i am at the half way point right now and i remember being in the same shoes, "where will i go", "does this program have what i need", or "how quickly will it get me out the door and on the hospital floor." i think it is best for second degree students and defiantly quicker (thereby cheaper) than bridging rn to lpn. obviously, i'm a fan of the program, but anyone who has been to college knows there are always bending; thankfully, it is only 4 semesters of bending. expect loans, do what needs to be done, and get that degree!

    anyways, there is a new building next year so that means everything will be shiny. the class last year had an admission ratio in the range of 20/60 and this year was much more favorable 20/30. i felt good about the quality of my team though. it seems like we have a lot of time in the hospitals and the lecture is driven toward practice...although it doesn't skimp either on the fluffy nursing theory (i got to meet jean watson!). i love how there are opportunities to give back to the community; many are involved in other ways but during the break, some students will volunteer running a health screening clinic. talking with other nursing students, it seems like they don't have the same opportunity to connect in clinical or with their professor; class size is small and the idea is to drive as much information into our brains as possible in a short amount of time.

    this program seems like one of the best kept secrets in the area. cheap tuition like isu but uses the same great hospitals as bsu. most students have families and are stressed between obligations there and with school work. talk to anyone of them and i bet they will tell you it is the right direction. also, make a point to 'interview' professor goodwin or professor quiroz; the faculty is warm and supportive.

    i will answer what i can but you really should get online, educate yourself, and come and check out everything before you make a decision. boise is amazing too and having moved here for the program, i loved exploring the 'big city' with many who have been here for some time. good luck!

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    The ISU Fast Track program is a 4 semester program that Starts in January and ends in May of the following year. It is for students who already have a Bachelors degree in something, but there are some required prereqs. It is full time/accellerated and is not for the weak of heart. The nurses that come out of this program with a BSN are some of the most highly recruited in the treasure valley. I work at one of the local hospitals, and I have heard nothing but positive remarks about the program from preceptors as well as students. If you already have a degree and want to be a nurse, I would highly recommend this program.
    Follow the link below for the first semester schedule.
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    Yes, I was confusing the fast track program with the ADN program at the college of technology.

    It turns out that after seeing some of my LPN classmates progress through the ADN program, they don't seem to complain so much as they did in the LPN program. I think that the ADN is run well. I haven't heard any of them tell me that it was easy by any means, but they get it done in about a year. That's fast. And then they can elect to work straight on their NP.

    I was wrong to slander a program I hadn't gone through. But I don't regret being so skeptical of it after my LPN program experience. I have two more exams with excelsior before I can take my clinical. I'm wishing that I had gone a more traditional route, but I'm too far into it to quit now.
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    Good Luck incoming class of 2010!

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