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Anyone else applying there?? I'm finishing up my pre-reqs now and working on filling out the application for the online-bridge program... I'd love to know if anyone else is?? Tricia... Read More

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    What is the ISU? I'm an LPN wking 40 hrs w/family and wanting 2 further edu on line any suggestions?
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    I am also interested. I would love to hear back from graduates.
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    Vernon....Wow, I am not surprised to see you on here! Yeah, ISU is a great school and has a great program. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was interested.
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    Scootin', did you go there?
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    I would like info on ISU also any help appreciated.
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    Need info on ISU can anyone help???
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    Certainly. What questions do you have? The website (Associate of Science Registered Nurse (ADN) - College of Technology) is very complete, but I can answer other questions you may have.

    It is not totally online - there are typically one to two days a month where you come to "intensives" - full day classes where a variety of topics, and skills, are presented and discussed.

    Although it is difficult, given schedules and work load, students have maintained full-time jobs while attending the program. Again, it is difficult, and not really encouraged, but perseverance, and late nights, can allow you to complete the program while working.

    Clinical are under preceptorship at a wide variety of facilities.

    At the end of the program, successful completion provides you with a "core certified" - meaning no more basic classes for your BS - Associates Degree in Registered Nursing. After completing the NCLEX (we have a 95 to 100% pass rate for the last five years or so, if I remember correctly), you can get your BSN from ISU by applying and taking maybe 5 or 6, maybe 7 courses.

    The program has full accreditation.
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    Does anyone current go to or have gone though the Lpn to Bsn program that are from the state of Missouri. If so I wanted to ask if they had any problems finding perceptor and clinical sites, how they like the program overall and how long will it take you to graduate