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    Anyone else out there applying this October for Spring 2013 entry? Seems like a good idea to start a thread to give some support for each other for the crazy few months ahead. I know I am going to be a nervous wreck for a while, might as well not do it alone! I just wish they would post the application, and essay already so I can get things started already.
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    I'm only in my second week of the nursing program so I don't have much advice for those of you apply to start Spring 2013. I just wanted to say good luck and if you have any entrance questions feel free to ask [I might even have an answer ]
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    I'm applying too, I'm so nervous!! Have you finished your essay? I'm finishing it up, then I have to print out the class descriptions for all of the pre-reqs I've taken out of state and I'm done. Good luck to you!

    Robyn_A since you offered about the questions What was your GPA and your healthcare related experience when you got accepted. I just received my CNA but I haven't worked in the field yet so I'm wondering if that's going to hinder me.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    My prereq GPA was 3.73. I basically have zero healthcare experience, except volunteering at a hospital. You should be fine! I think that the admissions people like to see a well rounded candidate (open to new cultures, etc...) so not having a 4.0 or tons of healthcare experience won't disqualify you.
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    I also need to print out class descriptions, thanks for reminding me!
    I am still working on my essay, I have a lot on my plate right now so I am juggling things quite a bit. I am done with the essay except my first question, which has been unusually difficult for me. I know nursing is what I want to do it is the embodiment of my passion, and reason for life. For some reason though I have a really hard time putting it into elegant words, that flow well and dont just sound like statements.
    Good luck to you, keep me updated on your progress!
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    So the freaking out has begun... Now only 5 more weeks to go!
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    Yes, I've been trying to keep busy and not think about it, but I can't help myself!! So do you think the acceptance letters will be sent out by December 1st? I know the website said sometime in December but I wish it was more specific.
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    Olga the last time I talked to her said 6-8 weeks after application, so that puts us at 6 weeks this week. She said they were expecting to wrap up in 7 weeks and mailed out that weekend, so next weekend is the hopeful time to start seeing things. It will either be a very joyous Thanksgiving or one of mourning.
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    Okay I just went from curious about the results to "the results are coming, what if I don't get in?" lol It's okay I just need to breath, and also now I'm going to be stalking the mail man.
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    Have you got your letter most everyone else has? Mine came on Wednesday
    Turned in my letter of intent on Thursday

    Now I get to shop for things over Thanksgiving break so I can have them embroidered in time.
    So ridiculously excited and nervous!