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Hey everybody! I've just gotten my acceptance letter to BSU's Fall 2009 Bachelor's Program and I'm pretty darned stoked! However, I've never even been to Boise; and I've been hearing GOOD and BAD... Read More

  1. by   rwh998877
    Hmmm... you paying out-of-state tuition may actually help your chances getting into the program. (Idaho too is having budget shortfalls, but not near as bad as CA.)
    I'm from SF; and I applied to 10 different "lottery" programs in CA thinking that that'd be sufficient to get into a program somewhere there. None took me, so I'm here at BSU --and I'm very happy I applied here. (I think there are 5 Californians in my class of 70, btw, and a number from OR, NV, and UT.)
    I have a few contacts in the department. I'll get one to guestimate for me when you can start getting nervous opening your mailbox.

  2. by   winnieyippooh

    Are you accepted by the nursing school the first time you apply? What is your GPA? Do you have any volunteer experience? Do we need to send our TEAS or NET exams? Sorry for the questions. I am really worried about my application. Time flies, but I still not hear from the nursing shcool.

    Best regards
  3. by   rwh998877
    Hey Winnie!
    I spoke for a moment to my friend in the administration dept at BSU.
    She said they're working hard processing applications; but could not give me a date when the letters will go out. She said 6weeks from closing date at the soonest; 4 weeks at the soonest. I dont know: early November-ish. She said you'd get something in the mail regardless of acceptance (e.g., an explanation of your rejection or your placement on the alternate list).
    I assume you've been applying to other programs and have a chance with them as well, so I'll suggest that you make sure you have your Healtcare Provider CPR and ALL your vaccinations. You'll need a recent negative TB test and a background check a month or so before the semester starts. That shouldnt take very long. Getting moved here isnt a big deal --lots of apartments close to campus. Financial Aid office is really helpful and pretty fast.
    Good luck to ya' in getting in to a good nursing school!
    Try to relax. Think positive thoughts.

  4. by   winnieyippooh
    Thanks!! You are the best!! I do apply 3 schools in TX, but i would like to stay in the west coast, I hope BSu would take me, and I heard that people in BSu are nice and helpful, really looking forward to be there.

  5. by   winnieyippooh
    I got an email from the department saying I was accepted gor Spring 2010! But that's it, no further infomation was given. I am confused, am I really accepted?
  6. by   rwh998877
    Hey Winnie! If that email is from the nursing department, then you're in. And in that case,... super congrats!!!
    Did the email not say they'd be sending you more info by the mail (or further info) shortly? I learned of my acceptance by regular mail (a big packet) and then had maybe a week to return a signed letter of promise enroll.
    If you're not sure, you can forward it to me to take a peek. Or you could call the person at the bottom of the email on Monday. Btw, is it Olga or Marian who sent the email?
    Anyway, again,... super congrats!

  7. by   winnieyippooh
    Thanks RWH,
    If I was really accepted, that would be the best Halloween gift I've ever received !!!
    The email was from Marian. Yes I would love to forward the email, but what's your email address?

  8. by   rwh998877
    Happy Halloween indeed!
    fwd it to rwh998877 @ yahoo

  9. by   winnieyippooh

    I got the mail today. I am accepted!!!WOooHOOOOOOO~~