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  1. Looking into moving from Yakima, WA to Boise, ID. Just wonding which hospitals are nicer to work for (I am really interested in ER or ICU) I currently have 3 years of RN float pool experiance but I love floating to ED the most) .
    I really need to know what the wages are like for these kind of positions? Are the hospitals union? Trauma levels? Benefits? Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   IrishMama
    I'm new to Boise and will soon be a nursing student, so I'll be interested in the response to these questions. It seems this board isn't very active up here, unfortunately. I can answer that St. Al's is a level 2 trauma center. Good luck and hopefully someone will answer. I worked in trauma services (non clinical) in my hometown and am very interested in it!
  4. by   cojokafka
    I am actually interviewing at St. Lukes next week and here is a rough idea of what they told me I am an ADN with just over a year experience at a Level 1. Roughly $22.00, about %15 shift dif, and roughly another $1.50 for weekends. Bear in mind I have only an ADN and a yeas experience. Not as much as I make now in AZ but I can't wait to move up there. Oh and they are also paying for the move.
  5. by   DVorah
    [font="comic sans ms"]most hospitals have a slightly higher starting wage for bsns. as far as facilities go, i think st luke's - boise is the best. as a magnet hospital, it treats nurses very well. if you are full-time, the benefits package is really quite good. i'm not too familiar with what is available to part-timers. to the best of my knowledge, there are no union hospitals in the region. at least, i've never heard of one. good luck to you!

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