Anyone applied or applying to ISU BS to MSN program? - page 2

I have recently applied to ISU's grad school for the FNP program. I am very anxious about getting accepted and want to know if anyone else has applied. If so how long does it usually take to get "the letter"? It has only been... Read More

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is fantastic! Few questions for you if you don't mind-1. Did you have quite a bit of experience before applying? How many years did you work as an RN?

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    Not a lot, but some. I worked inpatient for 1 1/2 years and then peds clinic for 3 yrs. I am working in an urgent care now. They said that they required one year of RN experience and that is it.
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    Congratulations on your acceptance! I just got accepted to the Clinical Nurse Specialist program part-time at ISU. FNP and CNS are exactly the same for the first year. I work with a few people already in the NP program and they seem to like it.

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