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I have a patient with breast cancer with mets to the liver. She was also born with cerebal palsy so she's wheelchair bound. She has edema in her lower legs and feet. Within the past month she has... Read More

  1. by   Leda1st
    Unfortunately, I am a newbie as well, so I don't have any good suggestions. I just wanted to say how creatively COOL the poise pad and diaper suggestions were! I would NEVER have thought of those! To the OP: I hope some of these ideas have helped.
  2. by   tewdles
    As we all know, this type of problem with dependent edema is all to common in our patients. I recently read an article describing an approach to management of the edema and discomfort which included intentionally creating needle tracts in the tissue and allowing the fluid to passively drain. They inserted and removed large bore needles (with local anesthetic) in a caudal to cephalo direction. The tracts drained fluid and provided measurable weight loss and symptom reduction for the patients.

    Mostly in my area we trial a diuretic, wrap and elevate as the patient will tolerate or allow.