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To Comfort Always

  1. 0 Anybody else planning to attend the To Comfort Always conference?
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    I hadn't heard anything about it. What is it, and where is it?
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    Its an annual hospice conference in Minneapolis. I've heard many good things about it from co-workers who have attended in the past.
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    I'm sorry I'm not. Attended a few years ago and it was excellent. It's a small enough group--I think around 300, that you get to know people, and feel like part of a very nice group. None of the hoards like at other larger conferences. They had a nice bookshop set up by a local bookstore. Enjoy.
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    That IS a manageable size. I attended a conference last year that was in conjunction with the AAHPM and it was HUGE. I think some of the individual breakout sessions may have had 300 attendees. It was cool to see so many people in tune with our specialty field but it was hard to feel the heart in such an enormous group.