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by introspectiveRN

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I am completely new to hospice nursing. Would some of you extend yourselves to forming a recommended reading list? I would be very appreciative:wavey: . -Deanna Oh, and can we make it a sticky?... Read More

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    I am so glad to see this forum and thread on here! I am an LPN and recently attended the ELNEC conference on end of life in Boston. Hospice is my passion. I am currently in school to complete my RN, but even then Hospice will remain my passion! thanks for the great resources!
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    Thank you everyone. I have made a list of the many resources here and am excited to get started reading. I went into nursing with Hospice as a main interest and now after 2.5 years of acute care experience I have just been offered a job with an amazing Hospice agency. I am grateful for all the input.
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    New to hopsice,not nursing but grateful for this list! I have reserved my first book Final Gifts from the library.Cant wait to read it