Other Hospice RN's in-put regarding on-call

  1. 0 I am a homecare Hospice RN Case Manager. I love my job but they have started make some drastic changes so I would like to get some others input on the following questions:
    1. If you work full time as a Case Manager do you have to take primary or back up call? If so how often?
    2. If you take primary or back up call what are your hours and approximate salary?
    3. What hours are you required to take call?
    4. In your area what is average hospice RN salary and mile reimbursement?
    Thanks so much for your input.
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    We are in Alaska, so our wages etc are likely of little use to you...

    Most small to medium sized hospices require call from their approved hour staff to cover the oncall hours. How much is required is generally dependent upon how many nurses work for the agency that CAN take call.

    24/7/365 nursing coverage is a huge patient satisfier and a nurse killer in the hospice setting.
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    The agency I work for has a dedicated team of after hours and weekend nurses. So I rarely am required to help on weekends and never after hours. Pay is 50cents a mile and I'm at $30/hour because I'm per-diem. But per-diem is another story.
    My problem with my current agency is how many patients they expect the case managers to carry. 15 to 20 patients per case manager. It's insane. Patients get seen once a week. It's impossible to give good quality carry to families that way. That's why I have to stay per-diem. I don't have guaranteed hours but I can give quality care and still have a life of my own.
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    Quote from tewdles

    24/7/365 nursing coverage is a huge patient satisfier and a nurse killer in the hospice setting.
    That's it right there in a nutshell. Nice and concise, I love this.

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