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  1. Hi all,
    Have been in Hospice since 2003 and as a Case Manager we have to do On Call at times.
    If we only take calls and never go out we get a rate of $2.75 an hour, that has been the rate since 2003.
    Just wondering if your agency has adjusted that rate over time or has it remained a constant?
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  3. by   momof2guys
    My previous job I worked weekend call. RN's were paided a flat fee of 250.00 per shift if we had 1 visit or 8 during the 12hr. We received 95.00 for admissions and 65.00 for death calls. 25.00 hr if we sat on a continuous care case. I don't know if this is what u were asking for hope it helps.
  4. by   curiousauntie
    If we do a whole shift of on-call (5pm to 8:30am) Mon to Fri, we get $50, plus paid for any calls out, door to door and mileage door to door. If you work the whole 40 hour week, any time out would be time and a half.

    If we work Sat or Sun, they are 24 hour shifts, and we get $100 and get paid hourly for any time out, door to door and mileage door to door.

    If it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year, we get $125 for the shift.

    If the case managers have to cover on-call, we frequently split it up, and then we split the $50 or $100. We are lucky as we have 2 wonderful on-call nurses who do 7 days on 7 days off so we don't have to do on-call. That is for the past 2 years, prior to that we had only one on-call, so we had to cover the on-call every other week, which was fast burning all of us out.

    One thing we have also done is one nurse fields all the phone calls, and if there is a visit needed, that nurse calls the case manager responsible for the pt, and the case manager does the visit, getting paid door to door and mileage door to door. The nurse who is fielding the calls gets the $50!
  5. by   momof2guys
    Is your employer small? My previous company case managers were not required to work taking call. We had3 call nurses working from 5p to 8a Monday -Friday. On the wkend we had 4 nurses taking call, 3 RNs and 1 Lpn. I worked weekends 8a-8p was paid 250.00 rate and mileage door to door. We had a 60 mile area, usually had at the very least 3 admitts and several discharges. I'm coming full circle and returning to working inpt again.
  6. by   dmdrn73
    At my current job we have on call supervisors (one it is her full time job and one is part time) who take the actual calls and then the case managers and on call nurses (there are a few of us) rotate the on call days. Us on call nurses are so the case managers can avoid on call or at least do minimal time on call. We do from 5p to 8a. We get paid $2 an hour during the week and $5/hr on the weekend to be on call then we get our per diem/per visit rate if we go out. It is about $35-45 depends on if weekday or w/e. Also we are paid milage door to door
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