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I was hired at this blessed office early this year. I found out that shortly before my hire the State and DPHCS came through on a complaint to survey. Our office is a mess and was even worse at the time. They nurses... Read More

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    WOW they don't deserve you, it appears they are the one with Substandard systems in place, and obviously won't survive as agency if they keep up their standard of 15 page correction rap sheet! Good luck in finding your new job

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    When I worked there, I was at first a case manager for 2 years, they did the same thing back then about 8 yrs ago. I was driving over 1000 miles a week over an hour away from the office, I had 3 crisis care cases going on in 3 different towns and was written up because I didn't come in to drop off paperwork. We also had a NO OT requirement along with having to do 21 visitis a week, plus meetings and usual other stuff. I even drew them a map of my area and tried to explain that it could not be done with the miles I had to drive. They flat out told me "we do not care how many miles you have to drive". Then I asked them to prioritize which was the most important one, because all of their requirements were impossible to meet. They didn't like that! Anyway, I shortly applied to be one of the On Call nurses and ended up staying 4 more years, it just got worse, It was a revolving door for the nurses.
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    yep-4 page visit notes are the routine visits or for the on call nurse if the patient had a significant change.......

    our nurses are to drop off notes 2x/week BUT, if anything is missing from a chart, they are calling the case manager to the office to come and FIND the missing document, which can cause alot of extra travel and headache for the field nurses.

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