1. I have heard that you can put topical antibiotics to help with horrific odors from decubitus ulcers that are necrotic. What about foul odor from urine? Can you do anything like this to help? Patient has bladder cancer, does not want UTI treated with antibiotics, (can't swallow meds anyway). We put a foley in, hoping to help some of the smell, but I don't think its helping.

    Its green milky fluid coming from the foley. Cancer cells are invading his poor bladder.
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Is he at home? On O2? If so and if not, burn strongly scented mulberry candles. It'll cover anything. And if the stench is coming from the bag, bury the bag in ground coffee.
  4. by   ErinS
    Bowl of coffee grounds under the bed will help with the smell. Also, may want to talk to your MD about doing daily bladder flushes. I like acetic acid- sterilizes and keeps the foley from getting clogged. I would think if that did not improve odor, you may even be able to instill a flagyl (what we use to control wound odor) solution into the bladder daily. With wounds you can just crush flagyl tablets and sprinkle on. I would think you would crush tablets and add to some sterile water to flush with. Smells are so hard for family to deal with.