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I graduated in June of this year, I took a job where I did my clinicals. We have a Trac & Vent Unit, Rehab Unit & LTC Unit so I get all aspects of the process but I really feel a need to work with hospice. I have gotten to work... Read More

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    It does vary from company to company, but the trend is to go to an all RN staff. The limitations imposed by federal and state law make it less attractive for agencies to hire LPN's. In the past, I did actually work with an LPN who essentially was doing case management, but everything he did had to be double checked and signed off by the RN, and this may have been stretching state law a bit. The question being asked is, why would an agency hire 2 nurses to do the work of one? He was the last LPN to be hired at that agency, which decided to go to an all RN staff. With ever more stringent standards coming from Medicare, agencies are discovering that they can get more "bang for their buck" by hiring RN's. Sure, there are still LPN's working in hospice, but as Medicare begins to focus on outcomes where previously they did not, there will be more and more nursing functions that require the credentials of an RN.

    So, it's the writing on the wall. If you want a career in hospice nursing, it would be to your advantage to begin thinking about getting your RN license.

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    I am currently 4th semester in the mobility program set to graduate August of this year!!! And that was my motivation. I want to continue with hospice and I agree with you 100% the only way to do so is to be a RN... and that's exactly why I'm where I am!!!
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    Fantastic. I hope you do stick with hospice. It's a very special kind of nursing and the demand is only going to go up as baby boomers (I include myself in this one) age.
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    Thank you!!! 😌

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