New to Hospice Nursing... a bit overwhelmed! Need advice - page 2

Hi! I just got a job as a hospice RN case manager. :wink2: I have 4 years of experience in Telemetry, and have been raising my family for 6 years, and now I am back. I had my first day was yesterday, basically signing all the... Read More

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    ive also heard of vaseline balls rolled in powdered sugar, given orally.....for constipation.

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    here is a thread from 1999 about constipation and solutions
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    If all else fails, we use a milk and molasses enema, equal parts warm milk and old fashioned molasses mixed together. It works every time. Just make sure you wear an apron or have a extra change of clothes handy!
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    this post seems to be hijacked by vaseline balls. i understand
    that if you throw them against the wall, they will stick.
    anyway, my best advice to makua girl is to visit michael holmes
    at and to read "practical guide to
    understanding dying process"
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    How do you roll Vaseline into a ball? The best that you can??? LOL
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    Quote from Marie0304
    How do you roll Vaseline into a ball? The best that you can??? LOL
    put it in the refrigerator...?

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