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I work for a hospice that uses LPNs in a different way. We hire LPNS to work in the capacity of a hha with using our nursing skills. It was just degrading at first. Because I felt like I had to rely on the RN to make decisions I... Read More

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    Curious to know. I just became an LPN and was on the certification website to order my study material. I took the RN and LPN practice exams for certification and passed both of them. It advised to wait a year or two before taking the exam to get experience for the exam questions. I am wondering if I should wait that long. If I know I can pass the exam...why wait? I love psychology and excelled in dealing with patients and families during clinicals. It could help that the past 20 years I have been a manager in finance and furiniture and have had long term customers that have had terminal diseases. What is your opinion?

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